Otorongo Lodge

Otorongo Expeditions specializes in exciting unstructured exploration of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Otorongo LodgeThe lodge is situated on a small tributary of the Amazon called the Rio Oran. Oran is 54 miles downstream from the jungle city of Iquitos. The voyage to the lodge is 2 hours in a comfortable speed boat.

The Rio Oran region is rich in biodiversity and the lodge is near both high and lowland habitat, the Amazon river and many black-water lakes. The region behind the lodge is one of the seven Climatic Refuges in the Amazon Basin and is one of the highest in biodiversity of plants and animals.

The city is far, the earth is near. Gaze into the stars of the Southern Hemisphere. Fall asleep to the sweet serenade of the rainforest.

There is something here for everyone and we are proud to offer a personalized itinerary to suite your special interests. There are numerous adventures and excursions to choose from.

About the Otorongo LodgeDinning Room

Otorongo Lodge has a total of 12 spacious rooms with private baths. Each room is protected by fine mesh netting to prevent any unwanted winged intruders. Bunk beds are available for larger groups. In the back of the lodge there is a common room equipped with hammocks, lazy chairs and coffee tables. When not on excursions go ahead and relax in a hammock while trying some jungle liquors from the Nurutu bar. The rooms are surrounded by walkways to provide easy access  and for viewing the gardens, birds, butterflies or any other wildlife that passes by. The lodge is constructed in a rustic and ecologically sound fashion. BromiliadThe dinning room is large enough to host more than 30 guests. Our kitchen is held to the most sanitary standards and is operated by experienced Peruvian chefs, who cook international, national and regional foods and delicious fruit drinks.

There are many exotic fruits and flowers as well as medicinal plants adorning the property. Just one hundred feet from the lodge is the Oran river which travels hundreds of miles out of the Terra-Firme behind the lodge. The lodge is far from the light of any village or city, so at night it is possible to gaze endlessly at the stars while enjoying the rainforest sounds.

Peacock BassOtorongo Lodge Programs

While it is possible to start and finish your vacation on any dates that best meet your schedule, however the Amazon is a diverse ecosystem and we recommend trips of 5-6 day duration. We are flexible to your requirements and you are free to choose the activities you desire, permitting the weather and season. We recommend that when you arrive, you sit and converse  with your guide about a program to best fit your interests.

PiranhaThere are numerous adventures and excursions to choose from. Activities can include, but are not limited to:

Otorongo Lodge      2017
Price Per Person in USA Dollars
  Number of people
  1 2 3 - 4 5 - 6
3 day / 2 night   $700 $430 $380 $340
4 day / 3 night   $700 $520 $470 $430
5 day / 4 night   $800 $600 $550 $510
6 day / 5 night   $890 $670 $620 $580
7 day / 6 night   $980 $790 $740 $715
Children 12 years of age or younger discounted 50%.

Prices include:Ceratophrys Frog

Prices do not include: