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Amazon Tours

Amazon Tours and Amazon Cruises and rainforest eco tours in Peru with GreenTracks

A Green Tracks Amazon Tour or Cruise is a great wildlife adventure tour into remote rainforest regions. Experience up close the cries of colorful tropical birds, the lush smell of the rainforest, countless flowers and towering trees. Thrill to the sight of pink dolphins playing alongside your boat. Marvel at the incredible frogs, iridescent butterflies of astounding colors, and captivating monkeys. Be amazed by the archeological wonders lost in the dark jungle for generations. This is the magnificence of the tropics with GreenTracks - a leading ecotourism company.

The Amazon cruise will take you on an exploration of some ot the upper tributaries of the mysterious Amazon River. You may travel to the largest eco-reserve in Peru, the Pacaya-Samira National Reserve, or to the isolated regions of the Rio Tapiche or Rio Tigre. The boats can comfortably carry up to 20 passengers. The cruise boat features air-conditioned cabins, an air conditioned dining room, a bar, and plenty of lounging area on the decks.

Your Amazon Tour could also include a stay at one of the many rainforest lodges in the Amazon of Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador. You can even camp in the Pacaya-Samira National Reserve, or if your are looking for more comfort, a stay at the luxury Ceiba Tops rainforest lodge might be you choice.

Even though technically an Amazon River cruise, you won't be stuck on the cruise vessel. As we explore the Amazon River, you'll be able to take off-boat excursions, such as hikes through the rainforest, piranha fishing trips, and small boat trips up some of the smaller rivers. Our expert guides will gladly give detailed explanations of all that you see, including the rich flora and fauna and endless species of captivating wildlife. There are hundreds of rare and endangered species of animals that inhabit the Amazon.

One popular choice is our Amazon Jungle lodges package. This trip takes you for a week-long journey into the deep rainforests of Amazonian Peru. You will stay at four different lodges while traveling down the Amazon River. You will also explore smaller rivers by boat, take guided hikes through the forests, visit a remote Indian village, and enjoy high-up views of lush wildlife and plants from the famous canopy walkway.

This trip includes opportunities to fish for the infamous piranha as well! Green Tracks also offers tour packages to Manu National Park in Peru. The Manu Wildlife Center activities include visits to the tapir clay lick, macaw clay lick, and unique oxbow lakes, as well as guided hikes featuring views from the canopy observation platform. Other options include the Manu Explorer, Manu Cloud Forest and the Manu Bio-trip. The Tambopata National Reserve, which is located at the floor of the eastern slope of the Andes, provides another spectacular Amazon Rainforest experience. You can choose to stay at the Heath River Wildlife Center or the Sandoval Lake Lodge.

If you would like to visit the Amazon of Bolivia, the experts at Green Tracks will take you to the incredible Madidi National Park. The park features a landscape made up of diverse ecosystems that will take your breath away. Green Tracks also offers the Amazon River Cruise, Amazon Riverboat Expedition and the Amazon Riverboat Expedition and Machu Picchu combination package for the ultimate in ecotourism and eco adventure travel.

This is your best opportunity to see the magic of the rainforest and the Amazon River with a company that is known world-wide for it's intimate knowledge of this exotic land. You have our assurance that you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Amazon Tours

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