About GreenTracks - The best tours of South American Rainforest & Archaeology 

GreenTracks provides the finest nature and culture-oriented trips into tropical regions of Latin America. Founded in 1992 by prominent tropical zoologists, GreenTracks has delivered memorable adventures with expert guidance to thousands of vacationers.

Experience up close the cries of colorful tropical birds, the lush smell of the rainforest, countless flowers and towering trees. Thrill to the sight of pink dolphins playing alongside your boat. Marvel at the incredible frogs, iridescent butterflies of astounding colors, and captivating monkeys. Be amazed by the archeological wonders lost in the dark jungle for generations. This is the magnificence of the tropics with GreenTracks - a leading ecotourism company.

A GreenTracks eco-adventure vacation is fun, stimulating and educational. Our expertise has been used by both amateur and professional naturalists, and on documentaries shown by National Geographic, the British and Canadian Broadcasting Systems, and the Discovery Channel.

If you've ever dreamed of exploring the wilderness of the Amazon, walking in pristine rainforest, or experiencing the cultures of the high Andes mountains and investigating the ruins of the Inca, then our trips are for you.

Itineraries can be individually designed for your private travel or you may choose to join one of our small groups. Either way, your tour is designed and guided by experts.

Our Amazon Riverboat Cruises are perfect for wildlife viewing and visiting small villages along the Amazon tributaries. With destinations such as the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and the Rio Tapiche, you will experience a truly remote wilderness area.

We offer tours to several top Amazon lodges in excellent rainforest. Peru's Manu National Park may be one of the world’s most famous rainforest destinations from which you can easily view incredible wildlife. Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve, Bolivia's Madidi National Park and the Pantanal of Brazil are all great choices for wildlife viewing.

Your trip can be further enhanced by extensions to cultural and historical places in the region. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu earns you bragging rights. Explore colorful Cuzco. Visit the ruins of several great pre-Inca civilizations in Northern Peru - Moche, Lambayeque, Chimu and Chachapoyas.

Rainforest flora and fauna, ruins hidden in the jungle, Amazon riverboats, lost cultures and living cultures – destinations that will awe and inspire. This is travel with GreenTracks.