Amantani Island

You can even overnight in an local home.

Amantani IslandAmantani Island is a circular island of about 9 square miles of area and is inhabited by Aymara people. This is an agricultural community of six villages, with most people concentrated in the village of Amantani. There are two sacred mountain peaks, called Pachatata (Father Earth) and Pachamama (Mother Earth.) The hillsides are terraced and planted with potatoes, wheat, and vegetables. Stone fences divide the fields and the pastures for cattle, sheep, and alpacas.

Amantani artisans work in textile and ceramic. A traditional celebration of the Feast Day of Santiago is held every July. There are also archeological sites of the Inca and the Tiahuanaco cultures.

Amantani HomeThe people of Amantani have opened their doors to visitors who are interested in learning more of their culture - and that means sleeping on beds made of long hard reeds. You will be assigned to a host family. You will shown the way to a mud-brick home set in an open courtyard to spend the night. This is truely a wonderful experience, yet still just a glance into the lives of the Ayamara people.

The Amantani people hold a nightly traditional dance show in the village hall. Tourists are encouraged to dress in the traditional clothes and participate in the dance activities.