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The Clavero Amazon Riverboat

Clavero Amazon Riverboat

The Clavero was built in Paris, France, in 1878 and its original name was the Cahuapanas. The Peruvian Navy bought her in 1892 to be used on the Amazon.

The Cahuapanas served to protect the Peruvian Amazon from foreign encroachment, explored unknown tributaries and provided communication and mail service. The Cahuapanas was used to fight the Ecuadorian Navy on the Rio Napo in 1903 and also was part of an expedition to the Rio Purus in 1905. In 1911 the ship was used to deliver mail on the Marañón and Ucayali rivers. These rivers are the two that merge to form the Amazon River.

In 1933 the ship was sold to the Morey Shipping Company and was used to carry cargo. It was renamed the Clavero after Manuel Clavero Mugua who was the Capitan of the M/V America and a hero of the Peruvian Navy.

The Clavero is a 28 meter long and 5 meter wide boat of steel construction. She was completely rebuilt in 2007-2009, a restoration project in a holistic approach that conserves Amazonian history and the rainforest. The Clavero is now a scientific research ship utilized by biologists, school groups, university students, volunteers and ecotourists. Research is conducted on a wide range of subjects including bat population surveys, primate behavior, frog diversity, fisheries evaluations, caiman populations, giant river otter ecology, and more in order to assist conservation efforts.

The Clavero has a marine diesel main engine and generators providing 220-volt electricity in the cabins and dining room. There is also a 110-volt converter in the dining room.

The Clavero Amazon Cruises have a typical number of 6 - 8 travelers on board.

The Clavero provides a unique experience and operates a program of authentic historic Amazon exploration. It does have air-conditioning and flush toilets (bucket operated), but does not have hot water. It’s just not needed and the addition of such would require major alterations to the original structure of the ship.

Wildlife expedition cruises travel to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve or the Lago Preto Conservation Concession on the Yavari River.

Clavero Riverboat
Clavero Cabin
Clavero Dining Room