What is EcoTourism?

Ecotourism is responsible travel that educates the traveler about natural history while protecting the environment. Ecotourism supports the livelihood of local peoples and the well-being of wildlife and ecosystems.

Since our founding in 1992 by a world-renowned tropical biologist, ecologically responsible tourism has been a guiding principle of all our operations. We believe that tourism can by fun and educational while still preserving a regions natural and cultural heritage.

We utilize the services of local businesses and individuals for all our supplies and outfitting, providing economic benefit to the local communities.

In a fun and casual manner (no lectures unless requested) we provide frequent opportunities for our travelers, with our encouragement, expertise and assistance, to educate themselves in matters of natural and cultural history.

Our trips provide frequent contact with local inhabitants who are always friendly and willing to become involved in our traveler's experience. Who better able to help share the wonders of the region other than the locals? Therefore, we always have several local guides who are trained by GreenTracks on all our expeditions.

We recognize that an onslaught of "tourists" into fragile wild places and traditional societies can have a detrimental impact and threaten the very possibility of experiencing the "other" that the traveler so desires to know. First of all, we believe: "Do no harm". Second, we actively make efforts to preserve and nurture these fragile, shrinking places of wonder.

      - The GreenTracks Staff.