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Inca TrailThe most famous hiking trail in South America is the Inca Trail in Peru. The trail is said to have been first explored in 1911 by Hiram Bingham. It was first opened to visitors in 1970 by Peruvian archaeologist Victor Angles. Parts of the trail have been discovered more recently, and it currently remains a mystery as to how much of the trail is yet to be uncovered.

The Inca Trail is a part of the Inca road system, which is estimated to have covered over 30,000 km. This vast highway system was originally built by the emperor to serve as a communication route. Rest houses, known as tambos, were built along the roadways where runners could be stationed in order to receive and deliver messages to and from the Inca capital at Cusco.

The Inca Trail portion of the road system is made up of stone steps, narrow and paved road, tunnels and suspension bridges. This adventurous hike reveals breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains, glorious valleys, deep and mysterious jungles, and Andean rivers. You will also see numerous ancient ruins that were built by the Incas. The trail begins at the Urubamba River and winds deep through the jungles, forests and mountains, all the way to the majestic city of Machu Picchu.

Inca TrailThe Inca Trail is no longer open to everyone. In an attempt to protect and preserve the delicate ecostructure, only licensed operators are allowed to bring in groups of hikers and campers. GreenTracks offers a few different Inca Trail tour package options depending on the length of time you want to take to explore all the gifts the Inca Trail has to offer. We also offer alternative Inca Trail treks to Machu Picchu called the Weaver's Way and Choquequirao, The Cradle of Gold. With years of experience on our side, you can rely on us for a safe, fun, and eco-friendly Inca adventure!


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