Manu National Park
Manu Biosphere Reserve

Manu National Park is located in the provinces of Manu and Paucartambo (Departments of Madre de Dios and Cuzco respectively), comprising lands on the eastern slopes of the Andes and within the Peruvian Amazon. It protects some of the Earth’s most important wildlands: Andean grasslands, elfin forest, cloud forest, and lowland Amazon rainforest.

The park contains more species of animal and plants than any other part of the world: 1000 species of birds, 13 species of monkeys (including the charismatic mustached Emperor Tamarin), several species of macaws and parrots, the Harpy Eagle, Tapir, the endangered Giant Otter, Black Caiman and the impressive Jaguar.

The area has a wide range of climates: from the cold in the highlands to the hot in Amazon rainforest. There is a rainy season from December to March.

In addition, Manu National Park is also home to indigenous tribes, some of them still uncontacted. The best known group in the region is the Machiguenga.

Manu National Park was internationally recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and the Biosphere Programe in 1977 and it was included on the World Heritage Site list in 1987.

GreenTracks offers three different programs that enable you to visit this magnificent park. These trips for wildlife and wilderness enthusiasts include boating far up the wild Manu River to stay at the Manu Wildlife Tented Camp within the national park, near Cocha (Lake) Salvador, the largest and most beautiful of the 13 oxbow lakes along the Manu River. This itinerary offers excellent opportunities to observe flocks of beach-nesting birds, search for a jaguar on the riverbank, and view primates and other wildlife.

We now include in our Manu National Park departures reliable and secure air service, using a modern Cessna Grand Caravan (12 seats) with experienced and skilled pilots.

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