The Moche Route

3 Days/2 Nights

Daily departures all year round.

Discover the Wonder of the Peruvian Archaeology on the North Coast.

In Chiclayo, Visit the most famous Sipan tomb considered as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the last 30 years and walk following the steps of the ancient peruvian at the pyramids of Tucume.

In Trujillo, visit the beautiful Sun and Moon temples built by Moches the colonial city, and Chan Chan citadel, the capital of the Chimu empire.


Chiclayo and Trujillo Tours


Day 1 – Lima to Chiclayo
Arrival Chiclayo, “The Capital of the Friendship” and transfer to Costa del Sol Chiclayo. Then we'll visit Sipan, where the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was discovered. The Lord ruled around 200 AD over the Moche culture, and his gold-laden tomb is considered to be the richest in the Americas. We will travel to the town of Lambayeque to visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum where many of these riches are displayed

After lunch, we'll visit the 26 pre-Columbian pyramids of Tucume. These pyramids were excavated by Thor Heyerdahl (of Kon-tiki fame), who discovered burial sites, textiles, Incan figurines and depictions of reed boats. This, together with goods from far-flung corners of the South America, allowed Heyerdahl to prove that the ancient people of Tucume were experienced voyagers and traders. We'll return to Chiclayo for the night at the Costa del Sol Chiclayo.

Day 2 – Chiclayo to Trujillo
In the morning, we'll travel by private car or bus to Trujillo. This city keeps the colonial atmosphere and it was was founded in 1534 on the orders of Francisco Pizarro. Optional tour : Visit a local hacienda with delicious lunch and Peruvian Paso Fino horse show.
In the afternoon, we'll head south of town to visit the Temples of theSun and Moon, built by the Moche Culture in around 500 AD. These 130-foot-tall pyramids are thought to be the largest adobe structures in the Americas. We return to Trujillo to spend the night. Overnight at Libertador Hotel Trujillo located in the Main plaza

Day 3 – Trujillo to Lima
Take a short tour of Trujillo in the morning, including the Casa del Mayorazgo, Casa Orbegozo, Casa de la Emancipacion, and La Merced Church. You'll stroll along the grand central plaza and the streets lined with colonial mansions. We'll then visit the royal palace complex of Chan Chan, built by the Chimu culture in pre-Inca times. This enormous complex, the largest in pre-Columbian America, is divided into nine separate citadels. We'll travel to the charming seaside town of nearby Huanchaco for lunch, before returning to the airport for a late afternoon flight to Lima.

The Moche Route 2017
3 days/2 nights
Private Departures: Daily all year-round.
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