Northern Peru: the Climate

Weather in the North of Peru

The four seasons of the year are reversed between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. However, the “four seasons” designation does not really apply near to the Equator, although the terms are still in use for some purposes. Northern Peru is 6 to 7 degrees south of the Equator. The usual designations near the Equator are “rainy” and “dry” seasons.

In Northern Peru, December to February is Summer and June to August is Winter.

Being so close to the Equator sunrise and sunset vary little throughout the year and sunrise is roughly around 6 a.m. and sunset roughly around 6 p.m.

In the Coastal region around Chiclayo, the climate is warm and dry with many days of sunshine. Even though this is technically a tropical region, it more resembles a sub-tropical region due to strong winds that moderate the climate, except during the summer months. In the Summer, December-March, the temperatures are in the 80's (F) and in the winter months the temperatures are in the 70's. There is little rain in this area.

The Inland region around Chachapoyas, is sub-tropical highland with comfortable temperatures and the skies are often overcast. There is little variation in temperature with the average high temperatures in the high 70's (F). There is little rain in this area with the highest rainfall in October and November (around 3.5 inches) and the lowest rainfall is in June and July (around an inch or less).