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"The Cattleya riverboat trip was great! I am sorry I have not communicated that with you yet, it was my intent but things got super busy back here. The two people we had the most interaction with were Ronnie in the dining room and he made up our cabin and Charlie are guide. They were both top-notch. The other guys were very good as well, we just didn’t have that much interaction with them. We’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit and we both agreed this is the best trip we’ve ever been on. We also have a video of Charlie catching an anaconda and my holding it. If you’ve not seen it I’ll try to forward it to you."

Brad McWilliams, 2019

"Thank you so much for setting up our trip to Peru, we had a very wonderful time! All our guides Anna, Roberto, Eddie and Jhon were excellent. Very professional and informative. We learned so many things about the country, the cultures and the people. We also saw some really cool and interesting things. The support staff was also great and made sure we were comfortable and well fed. Everything went smoothly and we were well taken care of. We were a little confused on the tipping because not only did we have a guide for each area but a driver or boatman plus an office person that was assigned to us to make sure we got to each destination without a hitch, so we used our discretion when it came to tipping. Our horse riding experience at Salineras Ranch also went very well. The horses were well trained and cared for and we had another fun day there. I knew Peru would be interesting but WOW! It is a country rich with history, culture and beauty. The warmth and friendliness of the people made us feel welcome and safe. I have already recommended Greentracks to several friends. Thank you again for arranging such a memorable trip!!!!"

Debbie and Hank Fredrichs, 2019

"We’re back in Santa Fe and we had a fantastic time on our trip. Will write more later. Thanks for all the arrangements you made for us. La Perla river trip was awesome and Inka Terra hotel in Aguas Calientes was incredible!"

Pam French, 2019

"I had such a great time on my trip to the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful job Green Tracks did in making this trip such an enjoyable adventure. My thanks go out to George Ledvina, Bill Lamar, Tom Crutchfield, Dante Fenolio and Scott Humfeld. As well to our local guides Willy Flores Lanza and Jonathan. They all really know how to take care of everything with kindness and caring. If any problems come up along the way, they are on it and there for you immediately to make sure all goes well. I highly recommend Green Tracks to one and all."

Pam Po-Chedley Obersheimer, 2018

"We had a thoroughly amazing time at the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge, on the many river and land excursions to the Reserve and at the lodge. I have to credit our guide Jorge for much of our satisfaction with the tour, as we greatly appreciated his extensive knowledge and love of the land, wildlife, and people."

Mike Costa, 2018

"Our trip was fabulous! Everything we wanted and more! The Amazon Star was amazing and awesome and we lucked out... There were only 19 vs 30 people, so we had all the crew to ourselves. And the other 11 folks were so lovely we are all keeping in touch! Segundo (guide) was fantastic and very, very knowledgeable and so delightful. Dennis was also so knowledgeable and so much fun. Just fabulous in every way. Alex and Lewis were wonderful. Armondo and the whole band were fabulous. The cabin was marvelous, so much storage! Food was outstanding and a good variety. I really can't say enough good about everything. We had excellent guides in Iquitos for our excursions. We enjoyed the Amazon even more than we thought we would. On to Machu Piichu and Cuzco. Wow, David was amazing and awesome. Without him I would have never realized my dream of Machu Picchu."

Clarice Dent, 2018

"My son and I had a great cruise. The naturalists were so well informed and very pleasant people. Recommended this trip to my nephew and his family who live in Maine. Thank you,"

Arlyss Burkett, 2017

"Even though we arrived back in Australia nearly two weeks ago, my brain is still processing all we experienced during our six week adventure in South America!

There were highlights from each part of the trip, but Denise and I agree that our week in northern Peru will always be one of the absolute gems of our trip.

It was made very special by our fantastic guide (Pedro Rostaing Rios), our driver (Oscar Diaz Fernandez) and the good company of Mary ...... All the drivers on our trips were competent, but Oscar was definitely the best! Pedro also went out of his way to make sure we had the option to do extra things, so we were able to negotiate visits to Cumbemayo (above Cajamarca) and to El Brujo to see the Lady of Cao. Definitely worth including in the program!

We had been warned to expect "surprises" in South America, and they certainly happened. But on this particular leg of our trip there were only good surprises - like the new cable car to Kuelap, which may mean changes to your itinerary in the future, as it is much quicker to get there and back now than it was by the old road. Because of roadworks we also got to travel through some different villages on the way to Revash, which turned out to be much more interesting than traveling up and down the same road.

All of the accommodation and food was very good - in fact more food than we really needed. We particularly enjoyed staying at Leymebamba - sleeping next door to the mummies and eating our lunch with the hummingbirds! We will never forget the stunning drive over the pass on the way to Cajamarca. The barman at the Casa Andina in Chiclayo also wins our prize for the best pisco sours in Peru. All of the small museums we saw were of excellent quality too, and we were lucky that Pedro also works as a guide at the Sipan Museum, as he knew a great deal about the museum and the site.

Once we headed south into "Inca" territory we were very pleased we had visited so many of the sites of the old kingdoms first, as it gave us a much broader understanding of the early history and a proper context for the Incas. We were (rightly) a bit worried that Machu Picchu would be a bit of an anticlimax after our trip in the north, because of the number of tourists there every day. It is certainly in a spectacular location, and it has become more memorable because of the strikes that meant it took us twenty two hours to do the round trip ...... While we think it would be great for the economy of Northern Peru for more people to visit there, we were very pleased that we were able to experience it the way we did in such a small group.

One day we might go back to Peru to visit some of the central sites like Caral and Chavin and Nazca, but for now this trip will stand as one of our best ever!"

Maxine Brodie, 2017

"Visiting the Peruvian rainforest with GreenTracks was a wonderful adventure and learning opportunity. We saw amazing birds, monkeys, and caiman. We saw clear black water rivers and gorgeous double rainbows. And we met amazing people, willing to teach us about their lives and culture with openness and kindness.

Scott made us feel so welcomed, and he really made a point to figure out everyone's interests and share interesting information about those interests. I also felt that he helped our extended family weather interpersonal conflict better, which was a tremendous bonus. Both Scott and Neil were wonderful in helping one of our party members get the clothes and supplies she needed when her bag didn't arrive.

Neil was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He was a great guide through the jungle, especially on our night hike! Plus, he's fearless with those caiman. I also appreciated the consideration he showed to the families when we visited their homes. He was kind to everyone, and made sure we had options that would meet everyone's needs.

Joseph was extremely sweet. He's a top-knotch birder and helped me add over 100 new bird species to my life list. Also, he was extremely kind to my eight-year old son, Grant, which meant a lot to us.

Rosio, too, was wonderful and sweet. She helped me answer so many questions about the wonderful cuisine on board the Clavero.

The Captain, also, always had a smile on his face and was very considerate, making sure we had safe ways to get to land, even when it was challenging!

We had an amazing experience in the Peruvian jungle with GreenTracks. Moreover, we were also happy with our experience in Cusco and Machu Picchu, although we had grown accustomed to our wonderful new friends from Iquitos and they were never outshone."

Nicolette Cagle (and Mark too!), 2017

"Just a quick note to thank you so much for making our trip to the Amazon such a success! It was just fabulous and all suggestions and arrangements went like clockwork. We both loved the Wyndham, the Casa Morey, the tour with Joel, and most of all the time aboard the Amazon Star and with its wonderful crew. Everyone was so caring and personable, the program was very well thought out and now we have all the unforgettable memories of our week. The hoatzins! The roseate spoonbills! The hundreds of egrets flying up the river! Hope we can work with you again someday."

Liz Thompson, 2017

"We had a fantastic experience booking our Amazon River cruise with GreenTracks. George was extremely responsive and answered a boatload of questions to make sure we were all set for our vacation. We received a great discount and were even upgraded! It was a great experience to have complete peace of mind when traveling abroad and we felt reassured that everything was taken care of. Thanks guys!"

Eric Dern, 2017

"We loved Peru and all we did, trip was very ambitious but we had a wonderful time. Everyone you had us working with did a great job. Thanks."

Carol Barbeito, 2017

"I don't think I ever wrote back to you to say how pleased Sarah and I were with the trip to Machu Picchu. Darwin was a fantastic tour guide and Maria went above and beyond to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Our train from Aguas Caliente was stuck on the track for several hours and she waited for us at the terminal. The hotel accommodations were all outstanding, particularly the one in Aguas Caliente."

Paul Katz, 2016

"Hello, I recently returned from my trip to Otorongo Lodge. I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a great time we all had! Anthony and his staff were excellent hosts! The lodge was clean and comfortable and we felt very welcome. The food was delicious and abundant as well! Our guide, Josias, made the trip for us. He got to know us very quickly and knew exactly where to take us to find what we were interested in. He was funny and "rolled with our punches" and even "punched" back! He was very knowledgeable about the area and all the flora and fauna. He answered all our questions without hesitation, and we had a lot of them. We didn't even have to break out our field guides when he was around! Excellent guide and new friend! The only regret I have about the entire trip is that we didn't stay longer! We are already discussing a return trip! And we will request Josias as our guide! Thanks for all of you help in arranging this amazing trip!"

Justin DeVault, 2016

"We loved the trip! Everything went well. We had a wonderful guide named Rodger. I have nothing but great things to say about the trip. It was well organized, clean places to stay and excellent staff and food. I wished we could have stayed another week. I plan on doing some nice trip advisor reviews when I have some down time!  Thanks again for all your help."

Shana Walker, 2016

"First, overall it was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed all the scheduled activities. Machu Picchu was sublime. I think that if Ollantaytambo were not being compared with Machu Picchu, it would be a famous site instead of one that most people haven’t heard of. We had no idea that so much Inca gold remained in the altars of Cusco churches—fascinating. And so on. Carlos was an excellent guide, knowledgeable and pleasant. I’ve forgotten the name of our driver, but we had the same driver all the time and he was also good. Inkaterra and Pakaritampu Hotels were great. Neither is spoken of in guidebooks as highly as they should be. Thanks for arranging a great trip.

John Rosegrant, 2016

"We had a great time on the trip but have unfortunately been so busy with work that I have not given myself much of a chance to process it. You are correct that we did have a jaguar encounter. The two videos I took are linked below from my YouTube page.

Heath River Lodge is a fantastic gem hidden along the river much deeper in the rainforest than other lodges offer. The deeper location I think provides for better wildlife viewing opportunities. The staff and food are top notch! I really enjoyed my time at this location.

Sandoval Lake Resort is a wonderful spot on the lake that offers very comfortable accommodations, excellent food, and wonderful access to the lake and forest. The staff and food are very nice. This spot is very relaxing and enjoyable."

Phil Allman, 2016

"The trip was fantastic. We really enjoyed the Amazon cruise, Machu Picchu, and Cusco. The people were all really nice. Our guide, Juan Carlos, was excellent! He ensured we got where we needed to be, had a lot to share, and told us "if you go slow enough you can get anywhere", which enabled us to climb Machu Picchu Montana. Since we were the first up the trail when we signed out we noticed a lot of people who signed the log book didn't make it. Spending Christmas day at Machu Picchu was perfect, not very crowded and the weather was fairly nice. The river cruise was excellent, only wish they (Aqua) would have had an earlier, day break, excursion. Thanks for putting all together for us, if I hear of anyone intending to go to Peru I will certainly steer them your way."

Brett Bezanson, 2016

"The (Amazon Star) cruise was a lot of fun! My (elderly) parents got around just fine. The skiff was easy to get into and the staff always had a hand to help if needed. There were a lot of activities to keep us interested and in a wide variety - from the villages to the wildlife. The guides were excellent in wildlife ID. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Thank you for all of your arrangements. Everything went smoothly and was very convenient!"

Heidi Hanlon, 2016

"It was a wonderful trip.  We kept pinching ourselves to remind ourselves it was real!  We loved every minute of it.  Super organized, great guides, comfortable hotels, and lots of challenges."

Anne Licata-Solaas, 2016

"Our trip was great, everything worked out flawlessly. Our guide Alfredo in the Amazon was amazing and so was the rest of the trip in the Andes. You picked out some very nice hotels for us. Thanks, we will definitely recommend GreenTracks."

Stefan & Lebron, 2015

"The trip was awesome! The guides were both excellent. The travel was so simple. I usually study the areas I go to and plan my itinerary myself, this is the first time I’ve used a travel agency to arrange the trip and I have been converted. The simplicity of travel was amazing. You did an excellent job arranging this trip. The whole staff that assisted while we were there were great.

I have not finished processing all my photos. I have put a few pictures up on my site. I will put more pictures up as I finish going through all the pictures. I took over 5000 pictures while there, so I haven’t even gone through all the pictures. You can take a look at the ones I have posted thus far: ..... Thanks for arranging a great trip."

Thomas P Higgins, 2015

"Trip was awesome. Thanks for all of your help.  Delfin is a beautiful ship, service and food outstanding.  Cuzco is a pretty city and Machu Picchu was incredible."

Judy Edge, 2015

"We just returned from a GreenTracks organized trip to the Amazon & Machu Picchu.  We absolutely loved it, and had a marvelous trip. We would now like to start looking into a trip to the Galapagos Islands."

Stephen Meeks, 2015

"We arrived home this morning my time from the most wonderful holiday, although unfortunately neither of our bags made the flight connection, because delivery from the Lima flight was delayed by a storm at Miami.

The high points are far too numerous to list and the minor hiccups too few to bother mentioning to you.

All Susan and I can do is to send you our inadequate but heartfelt thanks for arranging this magnificent trip for us. We will certainly give your name and details to any of our friends, who are keen to discover something about the amazing country, which is Peru.

With all best wishes and our renewed thanks for a job very well done."

Paul & Susan Williams, 2015

"I just wanted to say Thanks so much for organizing our trip for us. Everything went smoothly, and it was truly a wonderful trip! I loved Peru and hope to return some day soon to see more of it. I'll be sure to recommend you to friends who are planning to visit Peru. Thanks again!"

Cate Gulliver, 2015

"Now that we are back home and the dust is starting to settle I feel compelled to write both of you a note of appreciation reflective of our recent experiences on board the "Clavero".

We would like to thank everyone involved on your team for providing a well organized trip. The pre-departure materials and communication were extremely helpful and prepared us for our adventure.

On board, everyone on the Clavero's team worked well together. Neal was an outstanding knowledge based guide and made every trip a pleasurable new adventure. Jonathan provided his support and knowledge that helped round out every trip on a different river or estuary. The kitchen staff prepared great local dishes that we enjoyed completely.

Scott, thanks for your on board coordination. We also enjoyed our meal time conversations and the personalization that is possible aboard the Clavero.

Once again, our sincere thanks for a super experience."

Ron Zynda, 2015

"The trip was wonderful, as one would expect :) We had a great is amazing how fast a month can pass. We did a lot and each place held it's each own great experience. Obviously we liked some places better than others and similarly some guides better than others. BTW our guide Judy, in Arequipa to Lake Titilaka, was of the best guides we have had in our travels anywhere! Thanks for your help with coordinating this fab trip."

Deanna Bishop, 2015

" ... thanks for the follow up. We had an absolutely fantastic, trip of a lifetime - wonderful. Thank you so much for organising."

Charles Winward, 2014

"Just wanted to let you know that our trip was great! All the arrangements worked flawlessly, and all the accommodations, tours, etc. exceeded my expectations. The trip was everything I had hoped it would be."

Rick Blackwell, 2014

"We had an absolutely fantastic, trip of a lifetime - wonderful. Thank you so much for organising."

Charles Winward, 2014

"I want tell you how much we enjoyed our trip and how perfectly it was all coordinated. We definitely had the time of our lives."

"There are a few specific things I wanted to tell you about. All staff and crew were all so professional, courteous and attentive at all locations. We really hit the jackpot, in getting Javier for our guide, in Heath River and Sandoval Lake. He was the best guide we’ve ever had in any of our travels. We were fortunate enough, to have him all to ourselves at Sandoval Lake. He went over and above to make it the best experience and filling our needs. “Thumbs up” Javier!"

"Sandoval Lake was really beautiful. So tranquil and serene. And of course, the animals were spectacular. Very nice accommodations with still being rustic and in the jungle. I loved it and could spend a week there. Our time there was a “10”! I will highly recommend this spot to others."

"The Amatista was truly a pleasant surprise. Exceeded all expectations, in many ways. Service, accommodations, crew, entertainment, excursions, all fabulous. Who get serenaded every morning as a wake up call? I’m so glad we took the 5 night over the 3 night. I know we had many more experiences than those who did not. Our guides on the ship were Hurber and Robinson. They knew Andrew and I were the animal seekers and really went out of there way for us, too. Hurber knew I wanted to see an anaconda. One afternoon we were on a hike, and we split into two groups. Huber radioed Robinson along the way to tell him “Keep an eye out for anacondas because Lisa wants to see one”. Of course it was in Spanish and Robinson didn’t think I knew what they said. But their thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. It shows you how hard they are working to give their guests a wonderful experience. Thank you everyone on the Amatista! We miss you already!"

"And finally, thank you George for the coordination efforts. Everything went smoothly the whole way. We had so many wonderful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Green Tracks is the BOMB!"

Lisa Gregg 2014

"We had wanted to do this trip but thought the (Clavero) vessel was going to a museum this year so were gratified to find out we could still get onboard! Well – to be short – the “Clavero” lived up to her historic title (136 years young) and the GreenTracks crew were fantastic in all aspects. It was interesting as at the airport pick-up we found out we were the only two guests that trip but when GreenTracks Iquitos Operations Manager - Scott, and Guide - Neil stopped at a roadside eatery to show us the local dishes (and sample our choices for lunch) on the way to boarding at Nauta (the quintessential Amazon River town)... I figured things were going to be fine. (Maybe I should say that Cheryl and I have done lots of boat trips internationally)."

"And so they were as we were welcomed onboard by Scott with an unexpected present of local woven carry bags (later admired by several people) along with the safety information, wildlife list and vessel history. We were both looking forward to basically seeing whatever eventuated – we live in an Australian rainforest area so know how secretive animals can be - but Neil and assistant Jonathan were spot-on with forward observations (o.k. – so my wife spotted the first sloth!) but when we saw 34 sloths in two days I was IMPRESSED (would have been happy with say 6!) and a rare Harpy Eagle flying over and perching for 20 minutes preening (o.k. – Neil is “eagle-eyed”!) along with caimens, dozens of bird species, 6 species monkeys, even bats that looked like flat tree bark, of course piranha (very tasty!), dolphins, etc. we were more than satisfied. Visiting a local riverbank family house and community also was a highlight – nice to see things on land close-up that we had passed on the river. The dusk tie-up to a riverside tree was always interesting too (no – not the paw paw!)."

"Onboard the food was really excellent and the buffet-style service was (with everyone sitting together) perfect. Gee I miss the fresh fruit and juices, catfish and plantains! Have to add the dinner complimentary bottle of wine was unexpected but more than welcome! Cabins were really comfortable, amenities fine and all well-serviced."

"So we recommend this as a laid-back voyage with truly great wildlife possibilities and a really convivial social atmosphere (It would be perfect for a group of friends who wouldn’t get on a 5 star Rhine River cruise if you paid them!) – and hey up on the boatdeck you can pretend it’s really a hundred+ years ago!"

"Many thanks GreenTracks crew for making our first Amazon experience quite enjoyable– and it won’t be our last!"

John & Cheryl Cornelius, 2014

"Thank you for your assistance in putting together such a memorable trip for my daughter and I. We had a wonderful time! Cheers!

Warren Dunlop, 2014

"Just a note to say we thought you did a good job of planning our trip to Peru. Spending that one day in Lima was the right thing to do. Sandoval Lake was wonderful. And the hotel Inkaterra in Aguas Calientes was one of the best hotels we’ve stayed at."

Mark Williams, 2014

"Once again the information and advice you gave me in planning my trip paid off. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. I never get tired of the Amazon riverboat trips - each one is different and I have always met interesting travel companions. This year's suggestion of Northern Peru was a great idea. What a fascinating part of the country. I wouldn't mind going back there and spending more time in some of those museums. Thanks again and look forward to planning another trip nex year."

PJ Hundley, 2014

"You asked for some feedback on the trip once I returned. So here it is: The trip was great- exactly what I had hoped for. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but it was just what I wanted. The boat was charming and the accommodation in it just fine even if a bit basic. The focus on nature and the visit to the villagers were things I really enjoyed. The people were very pleasant and we all got along well. Neil is a perceptive and knowledgeable guide. I will happily recommend this trip to anyone who likes to explore and connect with nature and is not into the 'cruise' or 'resort' thing (as I am certainly not). It was very well organized, interesting, well paced, and everyone from crew to passengers was friendly."

Josee Posen, 2013

"Just wanted to let you know that we have had a great trip in Peru. The weather could not have been more perfect. We are in Lima relaxing before our flight tonight to get us back home. All of the tours and accommodations have been wonderful. Maria from the tour office was very good to us and we especially liked our guide in Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. His name is Eddie Pizaro and I highly recommend him for future excursions. Thanks for helping us put together a very memorable trip! We will definitely recommend you to friends looking for a trip to Peru!"

Helen and John Faith, 2013

"We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and were happy that we found GreenTracks for our Amazon adventure. Our guide, Neil, was great. The food on board was very good…it exceeded our expectations. Our fellow travelers were a congenial group and everyone got along very well. Thank you for all you did to make our trip enjoyable."

Miriam and John Whetstone, 2013

"Thank you for the wonderful stay at Heath River Lodge and Sandoval Lake (17-21 September 2012). We will definitely recommend the trip to our friends and I wouldn’t be surprised if we decided to come back one day."

"We had taken this tour expecting to see macaws and monkeys and if fortunate enough, we were hoping to see glimpses of other Amazonian animals but the stay blew us away in its wildlife diversity."

"We had chosen to be there at the end of the dry season, hoping the rains wouldn’t start too early this year. The trip took much longer than usual because of the low water levels in the Heath River (7 hours from Puerto Maldonado to Heath River Lodge). Our guides and boat drivers had to push our trapped embarkation out of sand banks multitude of times before reaching our destination."

"We know we were amongst the lucky ones and that it may not always be the case for all tour groups going to Heath River Lodge, because not only did we see the magnificent red, green and blue Macaws and many other colourful Parrots on the clay lick cliff face, but during our daily hikes in the forest we also encountered Toucans, the yellow and blue Macaws, hundreds of colourful Butterflies, several Capybaras and Tapirs, usually bathing in the river at sunset and night time, countless white Caimans, a whole herd of white-lipped Peccaries, a Sloth (my personal favourite) at arm’s length away, and wait for it, really best of all 2 jaguars (mum and cub) frolicking on the banks of the river. This precious and rare experience occurred for over half an hour while us tourists were concealed in the clay lick bird watching hide less than 100 meters away. Mother jaguar came out of the forest first, then came back bringing her cub along for a drink then a lay down on the river banks. The couple were in no hurry to leave; they were aware of our presence but gracefully allowed us to take photos and gain an invaluable insight into mother and cub playing and grooming each other."

"The boat trip across Sandoval Lake allowed us to pass really close to a whole family of Giant Otters, while the sunset boat ride allowed us to spot multitude of water birds, camouflaged bats, monkeys and several black caimans."

"Scroll down (Text WITH photos.) for a selection of photos including the handsome sloth, playful Jaguars and plate of piranha’s caught by our talented Swiss friend Francoise – Stephanie and I had plenty of bites but couldn’t land them in our canoe like she did – snapping piranha after snapping piranha."

" Thank you for this wonderful experience. "

Eric Host, Stephanie Coronado-Host, Françoise Kuenzi, 2012

"We had an absolutely fabulous trip. We were fortunate to have Scott along which was a lot of fun and Victor (the guide) and the rest of the crew were just a delight and made our trip so memorable. We were the only travellers on the boat and we had a great Amazon experience. We saw many birds, some amazing flora and fauna and generally gained a huge respect and appreciation for the beautiful people of Peru. One highlight was a visit to a local village and school where we got to see how the local people live. I appreciate all of your help and advice and it was a perfect getaway. My dad thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I, and everyone was very helpful and attentive to our needs. We also had many a fun and engaging conversations over dinner on board and lots of laughs along the way. Thanks again - your team did a great job!"

Greg McCamus, 2012

"The trip was WONDERFUL! Everything was absolutely perfect. Peru is a fantastic country and we could not have had a better time. The boat was beautiful and the staff was extremely professional and friendly. The Cuzco/Machu Picchu part was equally great. Our guide was fantastic and the sites were amazing. The food all the way around was amazing and the places we stayed were all extremely nice. I have already recommended GreenTracks to all my friends who travel. It was a fabulous adventure and we are already planning out next South American trip!"

Anna Buckthorpe, 2012

"I couldn't have dreamed of a better trip. Every day was as exceptional as the previous. Your entire staff was engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. The Cusco faction was there for me from the time of pick-up at the airport on arrival thru the hand delivery at the security area on departure. Yuri made the Machu Picchu experience come alive. I could feel the presence of the Inca people from the stories and information she was able to relate from her perspective as a native of the area. It was truly an extraordinary journey. Then there was the river. Magic is the only way to describe it. Bill of course is without compare in his knowledge and hospitality. Victor and the rest of the crew made it truly a relaxing and invigorating adventure. Swimming in the Amazon with river dolphins cruising in the background, catching Piranha and eating them two hours later, burying the eggs of a future generation of river turtles…Magic! I am forever indebted to you and your cohorts for a unforgettable experience."

Pat Ryan, 2012

"We had a 7 day cruise into the Amazon and had a wonderful experience. Plenty of monkeys, birds, frogs some snakes and a few sloth. Food was excellent, crew fantastic and cabin comfortable. We would recommend this trip without hesitation. Thanks Greentracks for helping us have this brilliant experience."

Tim and Mandy Van Leeuwen, 2012

"I just wanted to thank you for helping us to put together our trip to Peru. We had an excellent time, and were just blown away by the beauty and diversity of life in the Amazon. We found all of the documentation you provided to be very helpful in our travel preparations, and we did not have any surprises. We were delighted that our guide was Segundo, an experienced guide of 40 years. We were also thrilled that we were not put with a larger group, but that it was just the two of us and the guide. He helped us spot a lot of wildlife, and was flexible with suggestions of things we wanted to see/places we wanted to go/activities we wanted to repeat. I think that our GreenTracks trip was very fairly priced for what we received (travel arrangements other than airfare, transportation, food and lodging, expert guides and excursions), and we will be recommending Explorama and GreenTracks to our family and friends!"

Kristen Burk, 2012

"My husband and I just returned from a two week trip to Peru and Bolivia that could not have gone better. GreenTracks helped us put together exactly the kind of trip we were looking for: a few days in the Amazon Basin, Cusco/Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. All his arrangements went perfectly, our flights/trains were all met with wonderful, knowledgeable people who got us where we needed to go while giving us a history lesson at the same time. The food and hotels were lovely. These are people that are justly proud of their countries and love to show them off. I hope others will have the chance to visit. With many thanks"

Heather Taylor & Paul Waddell, 2012

"Thank you for arranging an excellent trip for us. We have all just returned to the US from three weeks in Perú. Each of the three segments (GreenTracks cruising the Rio Marañon aboard the Ayapua, InkaNatura to Heath River and Lake Sandoval lodges, and SouthWild tour of Cuzco and Machu Picchu) were very interesting and educational. The food was excellent. We photographed more wild animals than we expected. And every travel connection was perfectly smooth and on time. Great job! We will recommend your travel services to our friends."

Sam Bunge, 2012

"Many thanks for your facilitation of our Amazon Riverboat trip. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Wonderful boat, wonderful staff, wonderful river!"

Christine and Paul Rollinson, 2012

"I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an excellent itinerary for Alison, Colin, Nell, Deb and me. The whole trip was an unqualified success with all the arrangements working perfectly and excellent guides (Ari, Xavier and Perci). My only problem is that I have come back with too many photographs (I usually throw away about 70%, this time I am struggling as I want to keep almost all of them!). It was one of the best holidays of my life (and Deb and I have been lucky enough to travel extensively) - I am really most grateful for your hard work and expertise. Thank you."

William Blackhouse, 2012

"I'd been watching Trip Advisor for some time before deciding on a 3-week trip to Peru. For someone from the dry desert--that's me!--the Amazon rain forest would definitely be a change I wanted. Some conversations on Trip Advisor led me to check out GreenTracks, and I'm glad I did. GreenTracks offers a broad variety of services, so I chose what I wanted and they lined things up for me. I wanted to immerse myself in exploring this Avatar-like world, spending my time as I wanted. I was traveling alone and really didn't want to be stuck with a tour agenda, but I also didn't want to spend too much time looking for legitimate guides, boats, directions, prices, etc. I liked the way GreenTracks knew all the tourist services available, and which ones were trustworthy and met my expectations. They arranged for my stay at a jungle lodge as well as the historic Casa Morey in Iquitos. My favorite part of the trip was my 7-days on a restored steamboat, the historic Ayapua. The guide, I believe he was fluent in French as well as English, spent his childhood living in the rain forest and was like a walking encyclopedia! He could quickly spot and name birds of all kinds, sloths, iguanas, anacondas, dolphins, tapirs, monkeys, insects, tiny frogs--and I can assure you, they are all masters at camouflage. Then there were all the different trees and plants and how they were used by the people for food, medicine, construction, protection, etc., etc.!"

Kathryn Jennings, 2011

"We returned safe and sound Friday morning from a WONDERFUL trip! GreenTracks delivered on all that you promised. We were very well taken care of from beginning to end. All transfers went extremely smoothly and we felt very safe. In particular, the local guides were all outstanding. Victor on the river was so much fun and taught us so much. The guide in Iquitos (I can't remember his name) also was very good, taking us to some very colorful places. Eddie in Cusco just has to be the best guide from that area. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. All in all, the trip was all that we had hoped for and more. I hope we can travel with GreenTracks again."

Mary McCartney Nederhoed, 2011

"I just wanted to thank you again for assisting us in the planning of our trip to Peru.  We had a great time and had no issues with our arrangements.  The people at Southwild were fantastic and the Delfin was awesome.  We enjoyed our tours of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  As it turned out, we were the only guests on the Delfin so we had the boat and crew to ourselves.  The tours on the amazon were great and the food on the Delfin was amazing.  If fact, every meal we had in Peru was outstanding.  Thanks again for planning an awesome trip for my family."

John Michell, 2011

"I have learned a few things on this trip:
1. In the movies, the piranhas eat the people; here the people eat the piranhas.
2. The people living in the jungle, though sometimes shy, treat you like family.
3. The people who made my tour possible were genuinely interested in my welfare and desired that I come to know Peru as they know it -- A land of possibilities.
Thank you!"

Doug Hagens, 2010

"I just wanted to let you know we all had an amazing time in Peru! The lodge was gorgeous and the staff was absolutely wonderful! The food was great and our guide, Rody, was incredible!!! He has such a passion for the jungle and I think we all learned quite a bit from him. He took really good care of us. Everyone was more than willing to help us with whatever we needed. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you for all the work you put into making our trip a success. I really appreciate everything! It was an incredible experience!"

Ashley Helmer, 2010

"We just finished our trip in Peru and my whole family thanks you for a great adventure. Every single one of your staff in Peru were wonderful. If you ever need a reference in regard to a family considering a Peru trip involving trekking or the Delfin Amazon Cruise trip, please feel free to give them my email."

Mark Needham, 2010

"We got back from our trip last night around midnight. It was an exceptionally rich and interesting journey, and we thank you for putting it together. Our guides — Segundo in Peru, Jorge Castillo in Ecuador — were truly exceptional. They were the key to our appreciation of the land and people we were visiting."

Arthur Hoyle, 2010

"My name is Rebecca Fulk and you helped me and my husband book a honeymoon trip to Peru last Christmas. I am just now following up on the trip. We had an amazing time thanks to you. I think we were most impresseed with the fact that we had our own private guide in the Cuzco area. We were surprised to have a private driver and guide. Our guide was amazing and we would both consider him our friend. We went to happy hour a few times!!! The Amazon was great and we appreciated the air conditioning. Anyway, thanks again for everything. Our trip was fantastic!!!"

Rebecca Fulk, 2009

"I would like to express my appreciation for the tour your company put together for my wife, daughter, and friend to Peru. We had a wonderful time, and the guides and coordinators were on-time, professional, and informative. Having guides meet us at the airports was very valuable to us. Our guide in Cusco, Paco, was just great. His history of the Inca indians was appropriate and interesting. We have talked about making this trip for at least 15 years. Your tour met all of our expectations. Thanks again."

Keith Cox, 2010

"Thanks for your assistance with my last minute decision to go to the Manu Wildlife Center. My wife Wendy, who is a PhD ornithologist and I had a terrific time. We were matched up with one guide Luis who was great. The vegetarian food for my wife was delicious and we both had a great rainforest experience. We recorded hundreds of birds, saw monkeys, and other interesting critters. The river morphology, something I used to research on the mainland was very interesting and it was nice to boat up and down the rio. Thanks again."

Andy Hood, 2010

"We have just gotten back from our vacation to Peru and want to thank you for having such a well organized staff. Everyone we dealt with was helpful and full of information for us. We truly enjoyed all the cities that we visited and were impressed with the hotels we were in and the tours that we were given. We will not hesitate to recommend you to friends who are interested in visiting South America."

Suzanne Cox, 2010

"It's hard to believe it's almost a year since I ventured into the Amazon. It was an incredible experience, and ultimately, for me, life changing. My best to you."

Bob Nash, 2009

"We had a great time on the Delfin II and at Ceiba Tops.  Especially because there were only 12 of us on the boat and we had our own guide in the jungle.  Great weather, great wildlife, great scenery, great accomodations.  Thanks for your help with this trip!!"

Marlene Ruby-Canaday, 2009

"We had the absolute best (Amazon Camping) trip in the jungle. I can't tell you how wonderful it was. Segundo was incredible, full of knowledge, life and kindness to us and all the Peruvians. We knew the guide was the key to a good trip, and were so happy to have someone that fantastic. And everything else about the trip was wonderful. It was organized down to the smallest detail. We can't wait to come back to Peru and come back for another trip with you guys. And of course, if we have any friends coming to Peru, we will give them your details and explain how they would never find something better."

Janan Markee, 2009

"Our trip was amazing!!! Bill Lamar was great and we became very fond of Cosho and Ashuco as well. The Amazon week was our favorite but the entire trip was unsurpassable!! ... We probably can never have a vacation to compare to this one because it was even more than we ever expected. It certainly was the trip of a lifetime. Thanks again for everything!!"

Susan Ball, 2008

"We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Peru and were very happy with how everything worked out. Thanks again for GreenTracks' work in organizing our trip!"

Susan Ruebush, 2008

"I just wanted to let you know that Mike and I had an incredibly wonderful time on our trip. Cusco was gorgeous and Machu Picchu was incredible. We are grateful for everything you and everyone else did to make the trip possible."

Ruth Erdman, 2007

“I just wanted you to know that I had a wonderful time on the Amazon! It couldn't have been better. My guide.... was super!!!! I would highly recommend him, and your company to anyone that is interested in such a trip. I thank you, and all who were involved for making this truly my vacation of a lifetime!”

Wayne Adams

"The trip was perfect. Thanks for doing such a great job in setting it up. The folks in Cusco are the greatest. Their attention to detail is fantastic. It was exceeded only by their genuine concern for my security and pleasure. ....they are wonderful. I wish that I could get them to NY to give a presentation on Customer Satisfaction to my route sales force. They have perfected everything that we try to teach my company's employees. All the other folks - driver, river guide, etc. were also caring and knowledgeable. .... I have traveled in several countries; no one has ever been this good.

Machu Picchu is incredible. I have wanted to make this trip for over 40 years, and therefore had high expectations. My expectations were exceeded. It is breathtaking. No photo can do it justice. MP seen from Sun Gate at 7 AM or from Huayna Picchu is beyond description. Matt and I were overwhelmed by the scene, the people, and some of the spontaneous events and discoveries that happened all week long. It was paradise.

.... I am definitely a "satisfied customer". .... I am always open to new thoughts and new places to go. ...Thanks again for a great job. Viva Peru! Viva los Incas!"

Jim Smithwick, 2003

"We had a wonderful, great, awesome time! The lodge was perfect, the staff great and the food outstanding.

The bird and wildlife viewing was incredible. Just to name a few: We saw the Hyacinth Macaws, giant river otters, three types of monkeys, a large golden tegu lizard, an anteater (not the giant but one that the guide said was unusual to see), two types of deer, an ocelot (on a night safari), lots of capybaras and caimans, and too many birds to name!

The lodge activities were well organized and the guides knew their stuff. We want to go back sometime, timing our next trip for the end of the rainy season."

Ginger Carner, 2002


We had a great time. Returned on Monday morning. Can’t say enough good things about the guides, their qualifications, and their professionalism. I could go on for pages but I am sure that you have heard it all before.

Went to the Sunday market in the village just past Chillo hostel…would recommend this to everyone for an eye opening experience and an opportunity to see the locals selling their wares as well as to experience the culture.

Simply terrific in all regards. I only took 800 photos !!!

Thank you for all of your efforts which made this vacation go very smoothly.

We both continue to talk about the excursion in the north as the best part of the trip. To fully experience another culture and to get away from the tourists etc., this was our favorite part by far. Of course Machu Picchu is impossible to put into words or pictures for that matter.

We have already recommended you to many of our friends as well as new friends that we met on the trip."

Alan Tuttle & Daniel DeBlasio, 2003

"We had a great time. Your outfitter was excellent, they did everything for us. It was so easy. Thank you.

They had two other people going to Manu so there were 4 of us with our guide Percy. It was great being able to ask all the questions we wanted because our group was so small. Our first morning we saw a Tapir swimming across the river as we were going to the McCaw lick, we were within 10 feet of it as it climbed out onto the river bank. It's the dry season so it only rained two days. No river otters but 101 species of birds, 7 species of monkeys,etc.

The tour around Cusco, the sacred valley and Machu Picchu was just the two of us with our guide, Helga. She too was great. On Wednesday at Machu Picchu, we had a Condor fly over us- what a trip!

The Royal Inca II was fine, the Incaland was OK, and the Pueblo Hotel was great. Our "upgraded" room had a balcony, if it would have been one with a fireplace we wouldn't have left.

The trip was wonderful, all of the arrangements worked like you said. Again, thank you for a terrific experience."

David Fouts, 2003

"In the past year we have been to Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Cozumel, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Nevada, Barcelona, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. While it was a completely different trip, I am more inclined to rate it as being the best, most enjoyable, and certainly the most informative. Different from them all. We want to go again!"

David and Rita Halbrook, 1997

"I hope to go again someday! Our group was very compatible and we had lots of fun while we were experiencing the wonders of the rainforest - it was absolutely great!"

Margie Smith, 1997

"Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. You've helped me see the land and wildlife of Costa Rica in ways I've never thought possible."

William L. Burnett