Pantanal Wildlife Center

SouthWild Jaguar Research Center

Pantanal Wildlife CenterSouthWild Jaguar Flotel and the NEW SouthWild Jaguar Suites are air-conditioned, floating hotels with 10 and 6 double-occupancy, air-conditioned rooms with private baths. The Flotel has two dining rooms, one air-conditioned and the other open-air and screened with large fans. Located in center of densest wild Jaguars. Cats walk within 3-5 metres of these flotels during the daytime! At night, these flotels are powered by night time generator located 40 m away on the Jaguar Tug Boat, thus eliminating noise. Jaguar Suites rooms are each 30 sq m--the finest guest rooms in all Pantanal. Both flotels have high-speed WIFI internet, up-to-date photo dossier of 100 Jaguars, full-time research biologist, science lectures, and PhD owner on site.

Since 2005, SWJRC has shown wild Jaguars to thousands of guests during the day, often for hours per day. By the end of 2010, SWJRC will have logged more than 1,200 Jaguar sightings in 900 days on which guests were in camp. The total time spent observing natural behavior of wild Jaguars is now 1,000 h, 10 times more than all Jaguar observations combined of all other Jaguar researchers in history.

If you spend 3 nights and 4 full days at SouthWild Jaguar Flotel I and II or Jaguar Suites and do not see a Jaguar, we either refund $1,000 USD per guest, or we offer 3 free days within 2 years.


Jaguar and Tourist