SouthWild Jaguar Center

SouthWild Jaguar Research Center Activities

Outings include each guest spending up to 8 hours per day in boat searchs for Jaguars, Giant Otters, and other flora and fauna. Three boats with radios search for Jaguars for at least half of the daylight hours. When Jaguars are spotted by one boat, the other boats are notified by radio so as to be able to join in the viewing and photography.

Due to the excellent location or your Flotel, you wake up at dawn in the middle of the Jaguar zone. No time is lost to travel from a distant outpost. You then can get to the first Jaguars much more quickly than you can from any other lodge or camp. Also, if you wish to have a hot lunch and nap after lunch, it is much better to do that in your Flotel room than elsewhere. By sleeping, breakfasting, lunching, and maybe napping at the SouthWild Jaguar Research Center Flotel, we can call you at any moment (like on-duty firemen) to go at a moment's notice to view the many Jaguars that appear throughout the day in all parts of the Jaguar Zone.

Jaguar viewing from a boat