SouthWild Jaguar Camp

SouthWild Jaguar Research Center Location

This SouthWild-­owned reserve covers 3,025 hectares (7,467 acres), making it the largest privately-owned Jaguar conservation area on the Three Brothers River, the most Jaguar-rich watershed in the world. This reserve also includes 100% of the neighboring, Jaguar-packed "Black Channel", a location that appears in many on-line Jaguar reports.

After nine years of systematically testing forest camps, fishing hotels, and sport-­fishing ships, SouthWild concluded that specially-adapted ships or floating hotels ("Flotels") anchored in the center of the best Jaguar action offer the most comfortable, convenient, and safest way to be close to the cats. Cruising in ships for long stretches of rivers is only 1% as good for seeing Jaguars as being anchored in the middle of the densest population of habituated Jaguars.

These flotels are most comfortable and convenient because they float without rocking within 10 minutes by boat of most Jaguar sightings of the Three Brothers and Black Channel. Jaguars even walk in broad daylight on the riverbank within 5 metres of the flotels.

These flotels are safer than riverbank camps or hotels, as Jaguars patrol riverbanks near hotels and camps in search of prey, but never swim out to flotels. Even if they did, flotel guest rooms have hardwood doors and metal walls, making them impervious to any Jaguar.

Our floating hotels feature resident research biologists giving scientific lectures and maintaining SouthWild's eight­year-old Jaguar face dossier. This unique, painstaking dossier now documents the face spot patterns of over 100 wild Jaguars, of which our guests see about 2.5 cats per day or 36 in each May to December "Jaguar Season".

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