SputhWild Jaguar Camp

SouthWild Jaguar Research Center Lodging - The Flotels

All four air-conditioned SouthWild flotels, our Jaguar Tugboat, and our Jaguar Machine Boat all are anchored for the entire season only 2.4km below the mouth of the Three Brothers River, the global epicenter of the world's highest recorded density of Jaguars.

Two of South's four Jaguar Flotels have WIFI internet, the only ships in the Jaguar Zone with that important amenity. Our no-internet flotels are a two-minute boat ride from our internet flotels.

Our THREE guest flotels have banished night time generators to our separate Jaguar Tugboat and Jaguar Machine Boat. This unique precaution makes for quiet, vibration-­free sleeping. In 2013, no other ships in or near the SouthWild's Jaguar Research Center Reserve took these important steps to eliminate night-time generator noise and vibration. Our fourth flotel is simpler and is reserved exclusively for tour leaders and long-stay, international film crews.

SouthWild is the only company with any of the following: resident biologists, scientific lectures, up-to-date Jaguar face dossier, a 11 square-mile private Jaguar reserve, off-site nighttime generators, a fully-screened "al fresco" dining room (complete with larger fans and an exercise treadmill), and a new, large-room "Jaguar Suites Flotel".

The Jaguar Suites Flotel features custom-­designed, extremely spacious, 30 square-metre (323 square-foot) rooms, clearly the finest, most convenient guest rooms of any terrestrial or floating lodge in the entire Pantanal. Each Jaguar Suites room has a "ginormous", 3.6 metre-wide, floor-to-ceiling picture window that slides open to give you access to your own private, 5m x 1.6m, screened porch. No other rooms anywhere in Pantanal afford the scenic view offered by Jaguar Suites, namely the 100 metre-wide Cuiabá River and the wilderness of the 270,00 acre Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park (MOWSP). This park is 250% the size of the largest Costa Rican park and harbors a higher density of Jaguars than anywhere else on Earth. In fact, MOWSP certainly harbors more Jaguars than all of Costa Rica. Our Jaguar Research Center Reserve is a private inholding in the state park and represents the most famously Jaguar-rich part of the park.

Jaguar Flotel I

Jaguar Flotel 1
  • 10 double-­occupancy, air-­conditioned rooms with private, hot-­ shower bathrooms.
  • 4 of 10 rooms with double beds.
  • Large, enclosed, air-conditioned dining room with large-screen TV for nightly scientific lectures.
  • Large fully-screened outside dining room with large fans and exercise treadmill.
  • Off-site sleeptime generator to prevent noise and vibration.
  • WIFI Internet.
Flotel I Dining

Jaguar Flotel II

Jaguar Flotel 2
  • 8 brand-new, double occupancy, air-conditioned bedrooms with private, hot-water shower bathrooms.
  • 4 of 8 bedrooms with double beds.
  • Third-floor, enclosed, air-conditioned lounge with large-screen TV for nightly scientific lectures.
  • Off-site sleeptime generator to prevent noise and vibration.
  • WIFI Internet available at nearby SouthWild Jaguar Flotel I (with boat shuttle service).
Flotel II Lounge

Jaguar Suites Flotel

Jaguar Suites
  • WIFI in all rooms.
  • Off-site sleeptime generator to prevent noise and vibration.
  • 50 inch-wide beds fasten together to make "super king bed".
  • 22 easy-access electrical sockets mostly waist-level above two wide, long work desks for using laptops to edit photos.
  • Huge, sliding glass doors open onto private screened porch with view across the Cuiabá River to wild pantanal forests.
  • The only guest rooms in Latin America with two active cooling systems: split air-conditioner or flow-through fan pulling fresh night air across the beds.
  • LatinAmeric's (maybe the world's) cleverest, most effective, most user-friendly mosquito nets, which can be deployed or opened effortlessly in only seconds without risk of ripping.
  • Special "Jaguar window" on port (forest) side of ship along with 2-way radio to call for room service and for SouthWild to call you when a Jaguar is about to walk by on the riverbank.
Jaguar Suites