Pantanal Wildlife Center

SouthWild Pantanal Lodge

Pantanal Wildlife CenterOwned and operated by professional wildlife biologists, SouthWild Pantanal Lodge is located 2.5 km off the Transpantaneira Road, on the forested banks of the wildlife-rich Pixaim River.

The SouthWild Pantanal features eleven guest rooms that are part of an old hacienda. It has a large, fully-screened living room/dining room, outdoor sitting areas, and a library on Brazilian nature. Each of our eleven screened guest rooms has private bathroom with hot showers, overhead fans, air conditioning, and one queen or two twin beds. To eliminate plastic bottle waste, the lodge offers complimentary, chilled drinking water dispensed in unlimited amounts from water coolers.

SouthWild Pantanal Lodge offers the Pantanal’s best value for serious birders, naturalists, and photographers. We offer boat outings that feature the world’s tamest Giant Otters. Other exclusives are the Pantanal’s only mobile canopy towers strategically located at fruiting and flowering trees and silent, electric river catamarans for photographers using long lenses on tripods. We also offer horse rides, cattle drives, walks on scientifically-designed forest trails, research lectures, mammal spotlighting, star chart for study of the spectacular night sky, and Brazilian barbecues.

We are constantly improving both the quantity and quality of our amazing wildlife sightings. We access eld, forest, and river variously with horseback riding, boat outings, trail walks, observation towers, electric photo catamarans, and night spotlighting from our dedicated truck with special photo logistics. A Jabiru nest observation tower allows you to experience a family of Jabirus at their nest. This 12 meter tall platform is accessed by a user-friendly spiral staircase. The top of the tower is at the level of the nest, which is only 16 meters away. Our specially-trained naturalists have habituated these storks for years so that the birds now completely ignore guests and carry out all their most intimate nesting behavior in full view. Staying at the SouthWild Pantanal Lodge offers a superb experience for photographers, naturalists and families. Wildlife is abundant and the access is straightforward.

SouthWild Pantanal LodgeSouthWild Pantanal Lodge
SouthWild Pantanal Lodge