Pantanal Wildlife Center

SouthWild Pantanal Lodge Location

PWC LodgeLocated in central-western Brazil, the Pantanal is a UK-sized mosaic of seasonally-flooded savannahs and tropical forests that offers the finest wildlife viewing in Latin America.

This area harbors a world-record 82 species of large birds, 3,000-5,000 of which can be seen during a 1-hour car ride on the raised Transpantaneira Road, the only all-year route that penetrates the heart of this enormous wildland. This uniquely fauna-rich route starts only 75 min by car from Cuiabá.

Transpantaneira Road

How to get there

Please arrive in Cuiabá no later than 12:30, the group will leave no later than 14:00. If your flight is delayed, you will have to pay for separate private transport without SouthWild guide, and most likely your driver will speak only Portuguese.

Please do not schedule a departure flight from Cuiabá for earlier than noon. Later arrivals or earlier departures will require separate transfers at additional cost.

The return from SouthWild Pantanal Lodge is at 06:30, which is ideal for flights leaving Cuiabá after 11:00. Guests with later flights are welcome to relax in our air-conditioned SouthWild office and use WIFI. The office is only a 6 minute walk or 3 minute drive from the airport.

Pantanal Map