Which Amazon Cruise is best for us?

The Amazon certainly is a unique destination and that alone is reason enough to do an Amazon River Cruise, but most travelers (whether by cruise or not) have an interest in the extraordinary flora and fauna the region has to offer. Besides the unique endemic wildlife, the Amazon is home to many people of indigenous tribal ancestry, still to an extent by some, living along the river in a manner similar to their forebears.

Is your focus on wildlife and experiencing the earths largest rainforest close-up? Are there certain animals you hope to see? Do you desire encounters with local riverside village people? All the cruise programs focus on these experiences. Most published Itineraries of the cruises by the different riverboats are actually more similar than different, even though they may try to differentiate their excursions from the competition in those Itineraries. You will be doing the same sort of activities and excursions on all the cruises. You take walks in the forest, small boat excursions, visit a village or two, fish for piranha, go out at night looking for caiman and other wildlife, etc. ... on ALL the boats. You may do these activities in different locations, but even that is not always true. All the itineraries are more the same than different, just described differently.

If the activities and excursions are similar on all the cruises, the real difference is the riverboats themselves. Size, layout, features, guest capacity, level of comfort/luxury, service and cuisine are distinguishing features of the boats that you will want to consider when choosing a cruise.

The trend over the years in Amazon cruising has been from pretty basic towards increasing levels of luxury.. with increasing costs. Twenty-seven years ago, the Amazon riverboats we traveled on reminded us of The African Queen film with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. They could be pretty basic. That's not the case any longer. Comfort levels on all the boats is well-above “Rustic” nowadays, ranging from “Comfort” to “Luxury”.

These are all considerations our tour coordinators usually pose when someone calls asking what Amazon cruise ship and program is best for them and not the least important... What is the cost and are there any deals out there just now?

We can help answer all these questions.

Our tour coordinators have years of first-hand experience on Amazon riverboats and an intimate knowledge of the rivers, forest, people and wildlife in the region.

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Amazon Cruise Ship Comparison Chart

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Clavero Amazon Cruise

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