Amazon Jungle Lodges and riverboat rainforest ecotours in Peru with GreenTracks

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  Recommended Amazon Jungle Lodges:

Amazon Jungle Lodges Combination
Visit 4 Rainforest Lodges, Canopy Walkway and Iquitos!

Ceiba Tops & Canopy Walkway

Pacaya-Samiria Amazon Lodge

Otorongo Lodge

Heliconia Amazon River Lodge

Manu Wildlife Center

Heath River Wildlife Center & Sandoval Lake Lodge

Amazon Jungle Lodges

One of the most exciting and unforgettable trips you can take is to the Amazon jungle lodges set deep in the rainforests along the most fascinating river in the world. There are numerous jungle lodges in the Amazon. GreenTracks offers rainforest lodge programs in the Iquitos, Manu and Tambopata regions of Peru, Bolivia and in Brazil. Amazon Rainforest Lodges

The option to visit the Peruvian Amazon Basin via Iquitos presents you with a diversity of wildlife that is incredible, allowing for a unique viewing experience for the jungle lodge visitors.

Among some of the inimitable wildlife species in this part of the Amazon are the giant otters, black spider monkeys, wooly monkeys, sloths, and countless species of enthralling Amazonian birds. If you love butterflies, some of the most beautiful ones in the world can be spotted here. Plus, the Amazon River is home to the planet's largest freshwater fish, the paiche, as well as the fabulous pink dolphin, fierce piranha, and black caiman; as well as manatees and giant river turtles.

From Iquitos, Green Tracks will take you on an ecotour to four of the most exciting jungle lodges in the Amazon. The first stop is at the famous Explorama Lodge on Yanamono Creek. This stay includes a nature hike through the lowland rainforest along the Lake Trail. You will take a boat trip to the second lodge, which is ExplorNapo in the Amazon Rainforest Reserve on the Sucasari River. A highlight here is a visit to a botanical garden of medicinal plants tended by a local shaman.

Green Tracks' third lodge stop on this expedition is the Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies. At this locale, you will enjoy a suspended canopy walkway that spans hundreds of meters to connect tree platforms reaching high above the ground at over 115 feet. The fourth lodge you'll visit is Ceiba Tops. From here, you'll be able to visit the famous Ceiba Tree and the Ribereños (river village) to see how the people in the village live. All of the lodges offer numerous activities and guided tours to take part in and Green Tracks will help you to enjoy the experience for a lifetime.

GreenTracks Amazon Jungle Lodges Program


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