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Amazon lodges cabin at Manu Wildlife CenterThere are a great number of amazing Amazon lodges to stay at, but if you want to experience the southern part of the Amazon - only a short flight from Cusco, Peru - then lodges in the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve or the Manu Biosphere Reserve are excellent choices. The naturally preserved rainforests of the Tambopata region provide endless opportunities to see some of the world's most diverse species of wildlife.

With GreenTracks, you can visit two different Amazon lodges in this region, which are the Sandoval Lake Lodge and the Heath River Wildlife Center. The Sandoval Lake Lodge sits on a bluff overlooking the beautiful Sandoval Lake. The lodge was built to protect the endangered wildlife, such as giant otters, that make their homes around the lake and Amazon Lodges Manusurrounding forests. Other captivating wildlife inhabiting this area are the very large black caiman, the feisty and playful squirrel monkeys, titi monkeys and brown capuchin monkeys. You will also see the amazing red-bellied macaws here, as well as hundreds of other species of birds.

At the Heath River Wildlife Center, you will be privileged to witness a spectacular clay lick that is frequently visited by vibrantly beautiful parrots and macaws. Guests of this lodge can also enjoy miles of guided tours of forest trails and oxbow lakes. A major highlight is a hike to the largest remaining savanna of the Amazon, the Pampas del Heath, where numerous endemic species make their habitats, including the marsh deer and the maned wolf.

Amazon lodges in Tambopata

If you wish to stay in the biologically diverse and remote Manu wilderness region of the Amazon, the Manu Wildlife Center is the lodge to visit. This lodge hosts the most photogenic macaw clay lick in all of Peru and the largest known tapir clay lick in the world. There are also two canopy platforms (one at 92 feet and one at 125 feet) near the lodge that allow visitors to view breathtaking scenery of rich flora and fauna as well as the frolicking wildlife. The Manu Wildlife Center experience is one that will stay with you forever.

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