Amazon Cruises

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The best way to experience all the Amazon region has toAmazon Cruise boat offer is to cruise its namesake river on a comfortable riverboat. The Amazon Basin is roadless over much of its area and travel upon the rivers is the traditional method of transportation, whether by indigenous people in dugout canoes or modern adventure tourists.

     Amazon Wildlife and Riverside Villages

Also, an Amazon Cruise may be the most enjoyable way to explore the Amazon region. You experience "timeless" travel on the worlds' largest river while you observe the diverse flora and fauna of the rainforest. Something new and interesting is always to be seen around the next bend in the river.

But, you won't be stuck on the cruise boat either. As your riverboat travels the Amazon and its tributaries, you will enjoy frequent off the boat excursions, such as hikes through the rainforest and small-boat outtings to view wildlife. Your Naturalist Guides will give explanations of the incredible plants and captivating animals that you'll see. You will even visit a riverside village or two and meet some of the true natives of the Amazon.

These are just some of the things you will learn about one of the most amazing and compelling ecosystems in the world. Let Green Tracks be your guide as you discover the wondors of the Amazon River!

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