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The great mystery and intrigue of the Amazon are only part of its attraction. Many visitors find the rich biodiversity of an untouched wilderness to be even more alluring. In a time when we live practically on top of each other, with cement paved beneath our feet and endless electrical power lines streaming our skies, a trip to the Amazon offers a view into the windows of pure and raw nature. The conservation of the Amazon region's rare ecosystems is one of the most important principles of ecotourism.

Green Tracks fully embraces this principle while providing opportunities for travelers to learn from and experience the Amazon in a safe and respectful manner. We offer numerous Amazon travel package options to choose from. One option for an unforgettable Amazon experience is a Amazon Cruise.

The Amazon landscape can be described as pure magic. The region features an astonishing range of biologically diverse ecosystems. When you visit this remarkable region, your eyes will take in the snowy peaks of the Andes, vast cloud forests, lowland tropical forests, high altitude grasslands and breathtaking lowland savannas. You'll also get to see whitewater rivers, precipitous jungle terrain, and large populations of enigmatic wildlife.

Over 559 bird species in 60 families which may be observed in the Iquitos region of the Peruvian Lower Amazon. Other wildlife species that make this their home include the giant otter, spectacular and rare jaguar, anaconda, rheas, turtles, vicuña, maned wolf, capybara and spectacled bear. There are also numerous types of monkeys including the playful spider monkeys and the very vocal titi monkeys. With an eco tour to the Amazon, you can see them all in their natural beauty.


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