Costa Rica Rainforest Tours

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If you want to experience eco travel at its finest, but can't decide between the mysterious canopies of rainforests or the tropical majesties of sandy, white beaches, then a trip to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is a great option. This remote paradise is considered to be the last wild frontier of Costa Rica. The peninsula's isolated location has kept it safe from the clutches of developers for many years; therefore, it remains to be an ecologically rich region harboring a great diversity of natural wonder.

It was once an island, but slowly connected with the Central American Isthmus to form what is now known as the Osa Peninsula. As a result of the peninsula's rare makeup of lowland tropical rainforests, sand beaches, mangroves and freshwater lagoons, it is home to a number of species that are found nowhere else in the world. There are also over 700 species of trees on the Osa Peninsula.

When you take a trip to the Costa Rican rainforests on the Osa Peninsula with Green Tracks, you will stay at the magnificent Marenco Rainforest Lodge. Your guide will be the famous tropical adventurer and biologist, Bill Lamar. Mr. Lamar will point out to you the many endangered species that live on the peninsula. Some include mammals such as the squirrel monkey, spider monkey, mantled howler monkey, jaguar, puma, margay, giant anteater, Baird's tapir and the white-lipped peccary.

There are several endangered birds on the Osa Peninsula, including the harpy eagle, solitary eagle, crested eagle, scarlet macaw, roseate spoonbill, black-cheeked ant tanager and the red-throated caracara. The peninsula is home to several endangered reptiles including the boa constrictor and the American crocodile. Inhabitants of the offshore Pacific around the peninsula include four species of endangered sea turtles: the hawksbill turtle, the Pacific green turtle, the olive turtle, and the leatherback turtle (the largest turtle in the world). You can also view migrating humpback whales and dolphins in these waters, making for an exciting adventure!


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