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It's easy to forget about the fragile rainforests of our world when we are preoccupied with our own lives. However, far off in the Amazon, for example, the rainforests suffer and deteriorate. Actually, almost every type of natural habitat on our planet is in danger of traumatic decline and numerous species of wildlife become extinct every year. If these ideas appear extreme, it's important to remember that the Amazon rainforests provide 20 percent of the earth's oxygen. Fortunately, there is hope for saving the nature of our planet.

One progressive step is eco adventure travel, or ecotourism. Many of the declining ecosystems around the world provide attractive locations for tourism. However, tourism to these environments must be managed responsibly to protect their livelihood. Ecotourism directly promotes social and economic development in places such as the Amazon jungles, the Andes Mountains, the Galapagos Islands and the rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica.

Green Tracks offers eco travel adventure to all of these natural environments and more. We are dedicated to not only supporting the preservation of delicate ecosystems, but also to providing our travelers with experiences they will not soon forget. Count on our expertise and let us take you on an Amazon riverboat expedition or to the fabulous Pantanal of Brazil. You'll bring home with you unbelievable stories to share time after time!

The Amazon is appealing because of its majestic beauty and spectacular wildlife, but the adventure it offers is also thrilling. To actually be a guest in such unspoiled magnificence is a true privilege. After an experience such as this, don't be surprised if you're often thinking of the far away rainforests where the spider monkeys jump high and the vibrant flowers and dense greenery create a sanctuary you can delve into in your dreams forever.


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