Eco Travel

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Essentially, ecotourism is the exploration of natural habitats and cultures with careful attention paid to the preservation and well-being of the environment and its local inhabitants. The "eco" in ecotourism is taken from the word ecology. Ecology is the study of the interaction of living things with their environment. An ecosystem is the complex unit formed by the interaction of living organisms and the environment in which they exist.

Eco Travel

The stability of an ecosystem can be greatly effected by outside travelers. This is why Green Tracks promotes responsible and respectful explorative travel. For the traveler looking for something unforgettable, our ecotours provide educational and adventurous experiences that allow a glimpse into the beautiful and exotic wilderness that is so separate from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Eco Travel

Ecotourism also provides an economic benefit to those communities traveled to. As experts in eco travel, Green Tracks promotes this concept by purchasing all supplies for our expeditions from local individuals and businesses. We also hire and train local guides who allow our travelers to experience nature from a local perspective.

Ecotourism is the opposite of luxury travel in terms of accommodations, but offers the most majestic of experiences. When you visit the tropical rainforests of the Amazon or the awe-inspiring ruins along the Inca Trail, the true gift is that you are a guest of such beauty and amazement. While you're there, you'll be able to respect the beauty of nature in its wild state while having the experience of a lifetime.


Eco Travel
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