Beaches in the North of Peru,
Mancora and Punta Sal

The most beautiful beaches in the North of Peru.

The Peruvian coastline, which runs for more than 3,000 km, offers visitors a wide range of possibilities, with tranquil seas in some parts and crashing breakers in others. Peru's beaches unfold one after another, in a startling variety of natural landscapes. All of them can be reached via the Pan-American Highway.


In the northern section close to the Ecuadorian border, you can find the most beautiful beaches offering a wealth of possibilities to lovers of water sports, fishing or just relaxing watching a beautiful sunset.


If you travel to the Amazon, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Chachapoyas or Kuelap, you might consider spending three or more nights at Punta Sal or Mancora to finish your trip. You'll have an unforgettable historical, archaeological, and cultural experience capped with with a relaxing time on the beach.


Máncora and Las Pocitas

Piura is home to the legendary beach of Máncora, a favorite with the surfing set, particularly from November to January, when the best waves are to be found. Beach-goers who are not surf-mad head for Las Pocitas, a rock formation near the beach, where natural pools have formed, an ideal spot for a quiet swim. Vacationers fond of hot springs will find them at Quebrada Fernández, natural thermal baths where hot mineral-laden water bubbles up from underground. Mancora is located at 1164 kms of the northern Pan-American highway.


Recommended hotels:

  • Las Arenas de Mancora
  • Mancora Beach

Punta Sal

For many, this is the finest spot along Peru's north coast, with sun and tranquility guaranteed year-round. Punta Sal is a small beach resort in the department of Tumbes fringed by sand dunes, groves of carob trees, and facing a semi-circular beach lapped by warm water and gentle waves. All this makes for a welcoming paradise. Punta Sal is located at 1197 kms of the northern Pan-American Highway.

Recommended hotel:

  • Punta Sal Club hotel.
Máncora beach


After just 45 minutes drive from Trujillo city, you can be in Chicama with its famous mile long lefts. Experts say that they are hollow, fast and perfect. You can surf all year round but the best is from March to October. Surfers can also visit Pacasmayo considered as one of top 5 spots for wind sports and Poemape. Access is easy from Trujillo and Chiclayo.

Recommended hotel:

  • Chicama Resort.

Máncora beach