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If you are searching for a tremendous experience in the midst of some of the most remarkable wildlife in the world, then an Amazon adventure at the Manu National Park of Peru is your ideal choice. Manu is located in the remote southeast corner of Peru. Manu National Park covers approximately 3.7 million acres. It was formed in 1973 and was added to the World Heritage list in 1987.

There are two distinctive ecosystems within the region. One is the cloud forest in which you can see Peru's national bird, the bright red Cock of the Rock, as well as the exceptional spectacled bear. The other ecosystem is the Puna, which is a tundra environment at a high altitude. There are numerous endangered wildlife species within the park and reserves, including 13 species of monkey, the giant otter, the jaguar, the harpy eagle and the black caiman. Manu is also home to over a thousand species of birds--a true treat for birdwatchers!

Green Tracks offers several Manu wildlife expedition options to choose from. Package options include a stay at a lodge deep in the rainforests of the Manu Wildlife Center, a Manu bio-trip from the Andes to the Amazon, and a tented camping expedition at the Manu National Park. Staying at the Cock of the Rock Lodge in the Manu Cloud Forest is another great option.

This package includes daily trips into the cloud forest where you will take in breathtaking sights of amazing wildlife within their own habitats. You may also choose the Manu Explorer package, which includes one-night stays at the Cock of the Rock Lodge and the Manu Learning Center Lodge, as well as three nights at the Manu Wildlife Tent Camp inside the national park. Manu National Park tours in Peru are truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Manu National Park Tour Programs List is Here


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