Peru Ecotourism

Simply an Introduction to Peru Ecotourism with GreenTracks.

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Peru EcotourismTropical rainforests and jungles have always been important ecosystems in our world, but they have steadily declined in the past 100 years. Throughout this past century, humans have demolished more than half of the world's rainforests. Soon, there will no longer be any of these remarkable places left unless dramatic steps are taken to prevent further destruction.

The Amazon Rainforest represents at least half of our entire planet's rainforests. The Peruvian Amazon is extremely vulnerable and in recent years, numerous attempts have been made to save this precious environment. One proactive practice is ecotourism. Ecotourism is a type of responsible travel that is organized to carefully explore the jungles and rivers of Peru without damaging its ecosystems.Peru Ecotourism

Ecotourism also focuses on generating money for the local economies, conservation efforts, and managed tourism organizations. Another important aspect of ecotourism is heightened environmental awareness. For those who come to visit the Peruvian Amazon, they will be able to see its delicate and vulnerable beauty with their own eyes. They may realize just how fragile this rare paradise is and make efforts to save it, even if it is as simple as sharing their experience with others when they return home.

Experts in the area of Peru ecotourism, Green Tracks fully supports the protection and preservation of these rainforests and surrounding ecosystems. We offer numerous options for ecotourism to the Peruvian Amazon that are guided by expert biologists and trained woodsmen who accurately identify plants and wildlife. Our trips offer more than an opportunity to experience the amazing beauty of the Amazon. They provide you with a chance to be a part of something spectacular!


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